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New Year *2011, good bye 2010*

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope 2011 will be better than 2010. Have a great year everyone!! make 2011 different, don't let it same as 2010.

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How to Make a Transparant Animation Using Adobe Photoshop

For an example I choose lady gaga image.

Then open adobe photoshop application.
To choose the image just click File > open > *choose the folder*
Then block the image with magic wand tool  
Then copy it with ctrl + c or menu Edit > copy. Then make a new image with ctrl + n or click menu file > new...
And u just set the setting, then choose transparent background content. *width, height and resolution set automatically with the image that you copied*

And the transparant image appears then paste the image with ctrl +v or click menu edit > paste. Lock it as a transparant pixles.
Then save it as a .png format image. And the result is ..........
 *it won’t worl if ya save it as a .jpg or .jpeg format *
There are so many tricks to edit Images using photo editor.  THANK YA :D

source : experience 

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Charlie bit my finger - again !

"Charlie, Charlie bit me." "Ouuuch Charlie , that's really hurt!"

haha this video is majorcute! Charlie bites his brother's finger, but his brother still smiles on Charlie, that's so pretty cute!

is this real? Miley cyrus using drugs ( + video) =C


United States, December 13, 2010
The former Disney star, Miley Cyrus, has begun to show a more mature and sensual side, according to her age. However, this was reversed when a video was published on the Internet that shows her using drugs.
As was confirmed after the scandal, the singer consumed salvia divinorum, a substance that is legal in the state of California and whose effects are similar to diethylamide acid (LSD).
In the video, Miley manages to say “I think I am just … He is like my boyfriend, my boyfriend? Or I am tripping? I’ll smoke more than that.”
Meanwhile, his father, Billi Ray Cyrus, posted on Twitter: “Sorry guys. I had no idea. I just saw this for the first time. I am very sad. There are many things that I do not control.” Then he sent a message to his ex-wife, his daughter’s manager.

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Michael Jackson Duet with Akon - Hold My Hand

Michael Jackson ft. Akon, hold my hand. Check it out!

The Annoying Orange

HAHAHAHAHA the orange so annoying!!!! when I watch it, I laugh out loud till my mom mad at me, then when I show it to my mom she laughing as loud as me HAHAHAHAHA. subscribes annoying orange or it sneezes on ya HAHAHAHA

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About me!!!


You hate me? I don't care!


The Cutest Animated Fictional Characters! *blink*blink*blink* :)

Boo from Monsters Inc!

Russell from Up!

Bonnie from Toy Story 3!

and of course!
Agnes from Despicable Me!

HAHA cute!!! #viatumblr

Justin Bieber - U Smile

Guys, this is "U smile" official music video! Watch it out!

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody lyric meanings and song facts

  • Freddie Mercury wrote the lyrics, and there has been a lot of speculation as to their meaning. Mercury's parents were deeply involved in Zoroastrianism, and words like "Bismillah" do have a meaning in that religion. His family grew up in Zanzibar, but was forced out by government upheaval in 1964, and they moved to England. Some of the lyrics could be about leaving his homeland behind.
  • Mercury may have written "Galileo" into the lyrics for the benefit of Brian May, who is an astronomy buff. Galileo is a famous astronomer known for being the first to use a refracting telescope.
  • The backing track came together quickly, but they spent days overdubbing the vocals in the studio using a 24 track tape machine. By the time they were done, about 120 vocal tracks were layered together. According to Rolling Stone
  •  magazine in their list of the top 500 songs, Brian May said that everyone in the band was bewildered when Mercury brought them a draft of this four-part suite - even before he told them, "That's where the operatic bits come in!" Recording technology was so taxed by the song's multi-tracked "Scaramouch" and "fandangos" that some tapes became virtually transparent from being overdubbed so many times.
  • Queen made a video for this to air on Top Of The Pops, a popular British music show, because the song was too complex to perform live. It started a trend in the UK of making videos for songs to air in place of live performances. When MTV launched in 1981, most of their videos came from British artists for this reason. In the December 12, 2004 issue of The Observer newspaper, Roger Taylor explained: "We did everything we possibly could to avoid appearing in Top Of The Pops. It was one, the most boring day known to man, and two, it's all about not actually playing - pretending to sing, pretending to play. We came up with the video concept to avoid playing on Top Of The Pops." (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 2)
  • The video was very innovative. It was the first where the visual images took precedence over the song. It was based on their album cover, with the 4 band members looking up into the shadows. It was shot in 3 hours for $3,500. Effects were achieved by using camera feedback and prism lenses. At the time, it looked high-tech. It was also the first music video in the sense that it was shot in video instead of film.
  • This was Queen's first Top 10 hit in the US.
  • This got a whole new audience when it was used in the 1992 movie Wayne's World, starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. In the film, Wayne and his friends lip-synch to it in his car (the Mirth Mobile), spasmodically head-bobbing at the guitar solo. As a result of the movie, it was re-released as a single in the US and charted at #2. "Jump" by Kris Kross kept it out of #1.  
  • The original album version was over 7 minutes long. It was cut down to 5:55 for release as a single, which the record company leaked to a London radio station in order to build anticipation for the album. This helped the single jump to #1 in the UK shortly after it was released.  
  • In the UK, this was #1 for 9 weeks, a record at the time.
  • In 1991, this was re-released in the UK shortly after Freddie Mercury's death. It again went to #1, with proceeds going to the Terrence Higgins Trust, which Mercury supported.
  • Elton John performed this with Axl Rose at the 1992 "Concert For Life," held in London at Wembley Stadium. It was a tribute to Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS the year before. In 2001, Elton John got together with Eminem, who like Axl Rose, was often accused of being intolerant and homophobic. They performed Eminem's "Stan" at the Grammys. 
  • When this was re-released in the US, proceeds from the single went to the Magic Johnson AIDS Foundation. Johnson and Freddie Mercury were 2 of the first celebrities to get AIDS.
  • The album was the most expensive ever made at the time. They used 6 different studios to record it.  
  •  Queen did not use any synthesizers on the album, which is something they were very proud of.
  •  The album was re-released as an audio DVD in 2002. The original video was included on the disc.  
  •  In 2002, this came in #1 in a poll by Guinness World Records as Britain's favorite single of all time. John Lennon's "Imagine" was #2, followed by The Beatles' "Hey Jude." 
  • A lot of words from the lyrics appear in the Qu'ran. "Bismillah" is one of these and it literally means "In the name of Allah." The word "Scaramouch" means "A stock character that appears as a boastful coward." "Beelzebub" is one of the many names given to The Devil. (thanks, Jonathan Horgan - Cork, Ireland)
  • In an interview with Brian May and Roger Taylor on the Queen Videos Greatest Hits DVD, Brian said: "What is Bohemian Rhapsody about, well I don't think we'll ever know and if I knew I probably wouldn't want to tell you anyway, because I certainly don't tell people what my songs are about. I find that it destroys them in a way because the great thing about about a great song is that you relate it to your own personal experiences in your own life. I think that Freddie was certainly battling with problems in his personal life, which he might have decided to put into the song himself. He was certainly looking at re-creating himself. But I don't think at that point in time it was the best thing to do so he actually decided to do it later. I think it's best to leave it with a question mark in the air." (thanks, Callum - Bendigo, Australia)
  • The name "Bohemian" in the song title seems to refer not to the region in the Czech republic, but a group of artists and musicians living roughly 100 years ago, known for defying convention and living with disregard for standards. A "Rhapsody" is a piece of Classical music with distinct sections that is played as one movement. Rhapsody's often have themes. (thanks, George - Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • Roger Taylor (from 1000 UK Number One Hits by Jon Kutner & Spencer Leigh): "Record companies both sides of the Atlantic tried to cut the song, they said it was too long and wouldn't work. We thought, 'Well we could cut it, but it wouldn't make any sense,' it doesn't make much sense now and it would make even less sense then: you would miss all the different moods of the song. So we said no. It'll either fly or it won't. Freddie had the bare bones of the song, even the composite harmonies, written on telephone books and bits of paper, so it was quite hard to keep track of what was going on." Kutner and Leigh's book also states that, the recording included 180 overdubs, the operatic parts took over 70 hours to complete and the piano Freddie played was the same one used by Paul McCartney on "Hey Jude." (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
  • Ironically, the song that knocked this off the #1 chart position in the UK was "Mama Mia" by Abba. The words "Mama mia" are repeated in this in the line "Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go." (thanks, James - St Albans, England)
  • Weird Al Yankovic took the entire song and sung it to a Polka tune, called simply "Bohemian Polka," which is on his 1993 album Alapalooza. (thanks, Steph - SoCal, CA)
  • The story told in this song is remarkably similar to that in Albert Camus' book The Stranger. Both tell of a young man who kills, and not only can he not explain why he did it, he can't even articulate any feelings about it. (thanks, Bob - Santa Barbara, CA)
  • You can make the case that the song title is actually a parody, and a clever one at that. There is a rhapsody by Franz List called "Hungarian Rhapsody," and "Bohemia" is a kingdom that is near Hungary and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Furthermore, "Bohemian" is an adjective for something unusual or against convention, and the song is just that. So "Bohemian Rhapsody" could be a clever title that not only parodies a famous work but describes the song. (thanks, Con - Melbourne, Australia)
  • This song was covered by Constantine M. (featuring the cast of We Will Rock You) and also by The Flaming Lips for the 2005 Queen Tribute album Killer Queen.  

 source :

untitled -___-

-_- I've nothing to write here. I am very busy with my twitter and school homeworks, so I forgot to open my blog then give informations to you. I'm just very sorry.

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Oh no!!!!!!!!!!

I'm starving *biting pillow*

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ini juga Kamus 4Lay \m/

Kamus Bahasa aL4y

Alay memiliki kosa kata tersendiri dalam berkomunikasi. Tentu saja, ini sesuka mereka dan tanpa mengindahkan ejaan yang disempurnakan. Seperti apa kosa kata mereka? Silakan simak di bawah ini.
karikatur alay
Gue : W, Wa, Q, Qu, G
Lo : U
Rumah : Humz, Hozz
Aja : Ja, Ajj (Ajj bacanya apa ya?)
Yang : Iank/Iang, Eank/Eang (ada juga yang iiank/iiang)
Boleh : Leh
Baru : Ru
Ya/Iya : Yupz, Ia, Iupz
Kok : KoQ, KuQ, Kog, Kug
Nih : Niyh, Niech, Nieyh
Tuh : Tuwh, Tuch
Deh : Dech, Deyh
Belum : Lom, Lum
Cape : Cppe, Cpeg
Kan : Khan, Kant, Kanz
Manis : Maniezt, Manies
Cakep : Ckepp
Keren : Krenz, Krent
Kurang : Krang, Krank (Crank?)
Tau : Taw, Tawh, Tw
Bokep : Bokebb
Dulu : Duluw (Dulux aja biar bisa ngecat rumah)
Chat : C8
Tempat : T4
Sempat : S4
Telepon : Tilp
Ini : Iniyh, Nc
Ketawa : wkwkwk, xixixi, haghaghag, w.k.k.k.k.k. , wkowkowkwo (bacanya
apa coba tolong jelaskan)
Nggak : Gga, Gax, Gag, Gz
Hai : Ui (Apa Ui? Universitas Indonesia?)
SMS : ZMZ, XMX, MZ (oh god…)
Lagi : Ghiy, Ghiey, Gi
Apa : Pa, PPa (PPa ???)
Tapi : PPi (sama aja kaya yang diatas, asu)
Mengeluh : Hufft
Sih : Siech, Sieyh, Ciyh (nggak sekalian aja Syekh Puji)
Dong : Dumz, Dum (apa Dumolit?)
Reply : Repp (ini yang paling sering ditemukan di dunia maya)
Halo : Alow (menurut kalian, apakah kita teletubbies? )
Sayang : Saiank, Saiang
Lucu : Luthu, Uchul, Luchuw
Khusus : Khuzuz
Kalian : Klianz
Add : Et, Ett (biasanya minta di add friendsternya)
Banget : Bangedh, Beud, Beut (sekalian aja baut sama obeng)
Nya, contoh : misalnya, jadi misalna, misal’a, misal.a
Imut : Imoetz, Mutz
Loh : Loch, Lochkz, Lochx
Gitu : Gtw, Gitchu, Gituw
Salam : Lam
Kenal : Nal (buset irit karakter banget)
Buat : Wat, Wad
Cewek : Cwekz
Cowok : Cwokz
Karena/Soalnya : Coz, Cz
Masuk : Suk, Mzuk, Mzug, Mzugg
Punya : Pya, P’y
Pasti : Pzt
Anak : Nax, Anx, Naq (ko-naq?)
Cuekin : Cuxin
Curhat : Cvrht (anjing ini bahasa rusia apa?)
Terus : Rus, Tyuz, Tyz
Tiap : Tyap
Kalau : Kaluw, Klw, Low (oh maann…)
Setiap : Styp
Main : Men
Paling : Plink, P’ling
Love : Luph, Luff, Loupz, Louphh
Makan : Mumz, Mamz
Yuk : Yuq, Yuqz, Yukz
Lupa : Lupz
Udah : Dagh
Kamu : Kamuh, Kamyu, Qmu, Kamuwh
Aku : Akyu, Akuwh, Akku, (Asu)
Maaf : Mu’uv, Muupz, Muuv
Sorry : Cowwyy, Sowry
Siapa : Sppa, Cppa, Cpa, Spa
Kakak : Kakagg
ini contoh kalimat alay yang bikin pusing bacanya :
QmO dLaM iDopQhO (kamu dalam hidupku..)
q tWo……………… (aku tau……)
qMo mANk cLiD wAd cYanK m qHo…………. (kamu memang sulit buat sayang sama aku…)
tPhE qMo pLu tHwO„„„ (tapi kamu perlu tau….)
mY LuPi”………… (my love, cintaku, lupi lupi di kuping gue kedengerannya kayak permen yupi) aLwaYs 4’U…………… (always for you, cuman buat kamu)
cO’nA cMa qMo YaNk Co WaD qHo cYuM………… (soalnya cuma kamu yang cowo buat aku senyum -oke ni si ophi jelas jelas tidak mengikuti kaidah yang benar dalam membuat struktur kalimat)
k’tHwA„„„„„„„� ��„„ (ketawa…)
cNeNk…………….. (dan senang)
tHanKz b’4„„„„„„ (thanks before, terimakasih sebelumnya)
yOz aLaWAiCe d bEzT……………. (you always the best, kamu selalu yang terbaik -ALAWAICE? WTF?)
iN meYe heArD„„„„„„, (in my heart, dalam hatiku -btw MEYE? APA ITU HAHA)
tHo_tHo………….. (dadah -ini dadah doang ribet banget nulisnya)
LupHz yOu„„„„„„, (love you, sayang kamu)
satu lagi..
I’m ReGrEeEeeEEeeEet nOw……………. (aku menyesal sekarang)
naFaZ„„„„„„„„� ��, (napas)
bNcHi qOh nGmBAnK………………. (benci aku ngambang)
hOeKkkKKk…………….. (sound effect muntah, HOEEEKK -tuh kan muntah HAHA)
nPhA jDe gnE????????? ?????? (mengapa jadi begini?)
i dOn’t LiKe tHaT………….. (I don’t like that, aku tidak suka itu)
qOh g Mo iDoP dLAM kmNfqAn………. (aku ga mau hidup dalam kemunafikan-WUESSS angin berhembus)
tHiZ iZ buLLsHiT!!!! !!!!!!! (this is bullshit!, ini semua omong
kosong!!! -penuh amarah membara)
sHiT!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! (shit!!!!!! TA* )
SADAM WITHOUT WORD!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !! (sadam without word, sadam tanpa kata -WTF tiba tiba bawa sadam? ato DIAM maksudnya? oh diam deh kayaknya)
HAifTf……………… (huff)
satu lagi deh…
TaKe mE 2 yOuR hEaRtZzz???? ????????? ????? (take me to your heart, bawa aku ke dalam hatimu)
cXnK qMoh tO cKiDnAAAAaaaAaAaaaa……. (sayang kamu tuh sakitnya…)
m_tHa apOn YoH……………… (minta ampun ya…)
qoH tLuZ”aN uCHA bWaD tTeP qEqEUh cXnK qMo………. (aku terus terusan berusaha buat tetep kekeuh sayang kamu…)
bUD„„„„„„„„„ , (but, tetapi…)
hUhuHuHfTFTf………….. .. (huft huft -ehem ophi centil deh)
cIa” adJA………………… (sia sia aja -CIA? yang di amerika?)
shIt???????? ???? (TA*??????)
maYbe??????? ???????? (maybe, mungkin????? )
ckIdDDdddDDDd„„„„„� �, „„„„„„„„„„ „„„ „„ (SAKIIIIIIT! -ini ngomong sakitdoang kayak suara ban ngerem ehm)
pGEn qOh tO bLanK……………………. . (pengen aku tuh bilang)
U bLOkE mY hEaLtH!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! ! (you bloke my health, kamu cowokesehatanku, atau kamu merusak kesehatanku? -HAHAHAHAHA YOU BROKE MY HEART KOK JADI YOU BLOKE MY HEALTH? jauh gitu artinyaaaa! LOL)
i tHinK…………….. (aku pikir…)
it’Z DISGUSTING vOiCE……………….. (itu suara menjijkan -ga nyambung)
anDeE…………………. (andaiii…)
adJA g2 dRe wAL…………….. (aja gitu dari awal)
qTaH gAg mKeN dIEM”aN gNe tOh???!?@??@ ?@??@@?@? (kita ga makin diem
dieman gini tho’?)



21 Ciri Manusia aL4y dan 4 Tingkatannya

1. selalu ngerasa paling tau tentang musik.
2. tongkrongannya di pinggir pinggir jalan (yang cewek godain cowok,yang cowok godain cewe yang lagi lewat)
3. kalo di mall selalu bawa handshet buat dengerin lagu lewat handphone(suka pamer ga jelas & sok asik gitu deh).
4. sok EMO tapi ditanya sejarahnya emo ga tau.
5. sok pengen 'gaul' mau ngikutin tren yang sekarang tapi terlalu LEBAY (cth: nge-mix baju ga kira kira ; baju ijo,celana kotak kotak,sepatu merah,kacamata biru! NORAK !)
6. dimana mana SELALU ada acara yg namanya 'putu putu narziz' (entah itu di sekolah,WC,mobil,kamar,stasiun ,angkot,dll).
7. fotonya ga nahan smua! (dengan gaya di imut imutin,dideketin lampu biar 'terang bgt',foto deket bgt dari wajah *biar jeleknya ga keliatan*,foto dari atas *biar kelihatan keren kali ya*,dll..pokoknya yang bisa bikin ENEG semua orang)(kamera VGA aj sok sokan)
8. buat cewek tiap hari kerjaannya ngomongin ttg cowooooooooo mulu! (cth: eh tau ga si A tadi gini loh sama gue hahaha lucu bgt ya? *ga lucu!)(yah pokoknya sok pamer gitu deh*berasa cantik)
9. buat cowok..tiap hari kerjaannya cari musuh(ribut) mulu sama temen temen cowoknya yg lain *biar dianggep keren gituw*
10. di friendster.. bagi yang cewek di ff nya majang cowok cowok ganteng semua *meski ga kenal,biar dianggep cantik & gaull* kalo yg cowok ya majang ffnya cewek semua*walau ga kenal* biar dikata cowok ganteng.IH JIJAY!
11. T U L I S A N
- iya : ia
- kamu: kamuh,kammo,kamoh,kamuwh,kamyu,qamu,etc
- aku : akyu,aq,akko,akkoh,aquwh,etc
- maaf: mu'uph,muphs,maav,etc
- sorry: cowyie,cory,tory(?),etc
- add : ett,etths,aad,edd,etc
- for : vo,fur(zz),pols,etc
- lagi : agi,agy
- makan: mums,mu'umhs,etc
- lucu : lutchuw,uchul,luthu,etc
- siapa: cppa,cp,ciuppu,siappva,etc
- apa : uppu,apva,aps,etc
- narsis: narciezt,narciest,etc
- saja: ajh,ajj,etc
- Begitu: bgdtuu,bgtuch,etc
- Banget: bngd,bngetz,beudh,etc
- saja: ajh,ajj,etc
- Yang: iank,ieank,eank,etc
- Love : loph,lupp,lope,luph,louph,etc
- Dari: rri,drii,rie,etc
&&& masih bnyak lagi!
12. suka ngirim bulbo ga jelas di fs :"akko onlenndh dcnniih" ato "ayokk perang cummendh cmma saiia" etc (paling parah lagi kalo ngirim bulbo dengan judul "BAJINGAN" tapi isinya kosong!) ih kampret bner deh tu orang orang alay.
13. menganggap dirinya eksis di friendster (kalo comments banyak itu berarti anak gaul jadi lomba banyak-banyakan comment) *please deh ga bgt! emang kenapa coba kalo commentnya banyak?dapet rekor muri ya? ga penting bgt deh..
14. kalo ada org yg cuman view profil kita , kita bilang gini : "hey cuman view nih?" ato "heey jgn cuman view doang,add dong! (kalo emang segitu pentingnya orang nge-ADD buat kita..kenapa kita ga nge-ADD dia waktu kita mau ngasih testi?)-__-
15. friendster dipenuhi glitter-glitter norak yang pastinya bisa ngerusak retina mata zz
16. nama friendster mengagung -agungkan diri sendiri,seperti : pRinceSs cuTez,sHa luccU,tIkka cAntieqq,etc. (pede bgt sih?)
17. kata /singkatan selalu diakhiri huruf z/s (cth : nama adalah talitra,dbuat jadi : talz. nama adalah niken,dibuat jadi qens..dsb!)
18. foto di friendster bisa nyampe 300 lebih padahal cuman foto DIRINYA SENDIRI
19. diam diam mengidolakan : kangen band,st12,radja,ato bahkan GARNET BAND -_-
20. suka menghina orang yg ga sama kaya dia .
21. tulisan nya sok2 cadel. ga bisa nyebut "r" atau "s", kayak balita kurang gizi.
so kamu alay apa bukan ??
Tingkatan ALAY
22. sekarang menyerang FB dan meninggalkan FS

1. nulis kata disingkat, seperti "lagi apa?" gi pha?? atau bosen banget jadi "bsen bgd nh"
2. memakai simbol tambahan. "p@ k@bar L0e??" atau "~hha..~ y nh.. lg bosen~"
3. menggunakan huruf Z dibelakang kata. "mlz bgtz!" atau "gurunya malezin yh"
4. comment orang dengan minta balasan kaya "repp iah!" / "blz dum" / "reply dsini iiaaa"
5. layoutnya yang super rame bahkan berfotmat gif (gerak) dengan warna ngejrenk pinkk fontnya yang anehlah

1. aboutme panjaaaang banget dengan gambar dari myspace yang gajelas pake isi gr-gr an kaya "aq tuh.... cntik.... lucu.... punya cowo ganteng..." zzz dan sebagainyalah lo tau kan
2. penggantian kata! gue / gw / gua = w, lo / lu = lw / loe. dong = dumzz / dwunhh
3. foto serba diediiiiit abis apalagi yang editnya emo emo pake tulisan gothic gitu
4. mediabox dipenuhin dengan gambarrrrrr

1. mamerin kebisaan dishotout, misalnya "eh w kan menang track motor lohh.." atau "eh w les nyetir dong.." dan yang lebih oon nya "eh w makin oke dan top ya tiap hari" (halah)
2. rusuhin comment foto. misalnya cuma dicomment "cantik deh/ganteng deh" balesnya "emg gw gnteng gtuu... y krna trlahir dh ganteng kli ya?? hha. dan kyanya..........blabalabla"
3. nickname digabung sama nama org yang disuka dengan cara gajelas. misalnya (kalo namanya sama maaf ya) "delita saiianks si luthuu.." atau "delita cinta dya" gitulah ya aezzz...
4. bikin album yang isinya artis favorit mereka. contoh "kangen band khuzuz loh!!" apalagi albumnya pake dikunci, yah capedeh!!

1. barang abal yang dipamerin ketemen terus dia ngaku beli di singapore. amrik . dan sbgainya. "eh liat nih gue beli gelang dijerman gituloh asli kalo ga salah sih dirupiahin 500 ribu ya." padahal dia beli di itc aja!! yang 10 ribu 5 hahaha.
2. tulisan gede-kecil. "aLoW kLiAnZ hArUz ADd GwE YaH!!" atau dengan angggka "K4Ng3nZ dWEcChh" NNNNNZZZZZ
3. minta di add di shotout, "j9n lupa ett ghw"
4. gaya dengan bibir monyong, telunjuk nempel bibir, gaya tangan dengan oke dipinggir kepala dan foto dari atas


4 Makanan Alami Untuk Memutihkan Gigi

Banyak orang mencoba memutihkan gigi dengan cara bleaching atau menggunakan pasta gigi yang mengandung pemutih. Sayangnya, tidak semua orang suka melakukan cara tersebut. Buah-buahan tertentu sebenarnya juga bisa membantu memutihkan gigi. Apa saja?

Memiliki gigi putih dan senyum menawan tentunya membuat seseorang tampak lebih menarik. Tapi kebiasaan minum kopi, teh atau cola bisa meninggalkan noda di gigi Anda.

Berikut beberapa buah-buahan yang dapat membuat gigi putih dan sehat:

1. Stroberi
Stroberi adalah salah satu makanan yang alami dapat memutihkan gigi. Asam malat yang terkandung dalam stroberi bertindak sebagai zat yang akan mengikis dan menghilangkan beberapa noda pada permukaan gigi.

Stroberi yang dicampur dengan setengah sendok teh baking soda bisa bertindak sebagai pemutih gigi. Oleskan campuran tersebut ke seluruh permukaan gigi selama 5 menit untuk mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan.

Namun, metode ini tidak boleh dilakukan dalam waktu yang lama karena bisa asam pada stroberi dapat menghancurkan enamel gigi dari waktu ke waktu.

2. Apel
Apel mengandung dua kualitas yang membantu dalam pemutihan gigi. Pertama, proses mengunyah buah apel yang keras dan renyah bisa melunturkan plak gigi yang dapat mengubah warna gigi. Selain itu, mengunyah juga merangsang produksi air liur yang secara alami dapat melawan bakteri dalam mulut yang merubah warna gigi.

Kedua, apel juga mengandung asam malat yang bertindak sebagai bahan alami untuk 'mengendurkan' dan menghilangkan noda pada permukaan gigi.

3. Wortel
Wortel juga dapat berfungsi sebagai pemutih gigi alami. Seperti apel, wortel adalah makanan yang dapat melunturkan plak gigi yang keras selama proses mengunyah.

4. Lemon atau jeruk nipis
Jus lemon juga dapat digunakan untuk memutihkan gigi. Jus lemon dapat dikombinasikan dengan garam atau soda kue untuk membuat pasta, yang kemudian menggosok gigi selama beberapa menit.

Tapi karena jus lemon mengandung asam sitrat yang dapat menyebabkan korosi dari enamel gigi, selalu bilas dan sikat gigi dengan baik setelah menggunakan jus lemon pada gigi.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


I can not wait for 2011 because of the newst gaga's album titled born this way kinda cool. I don't know the cover exactly, maybe like this -----►

I will buy it soon..... and I just can't wait for it................................................................


Dear Twitter Unfollowers

do you know how much I hate u ?I hate you so frigging much.  hhh just don't follow me if you don't like me. if you want me to followback just tweet me, I'll followback. Please I got bored just because of you.

Just wanna testing........


Friday, October 29, 2010

Paparazzi _-_-_-_- Hayaba

Hayaba Hayaba Paparazzi in 97, f****n' awesome, let's see the "primitive" students in that class.

Lemme......... both of them ...........

Hayaba family ~ this family just have 9 boys, HAHA
maklum emansipasi wanita (?)

Two guys ......... reading newspapers, and the headline is " HAYABA SAVES THE WORLD"

the pictures taken by ..........sheika

Saturday, September 25, 2010

daku bingung *i'm confuse*

apaya .................................................

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ok males posting, whatever, bye. shut up, I'm riding now.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Quotes of the day

"Hidup akan terlihat indah, bila kau mampu merubahnya" - pwgdochi 
"My heart was made for you, only you" - ultradit

"You can’t change what has happened in the past, But you can only promise to make the future better" - TweetMoveOn

"Life is like riding a bicycle, To keep your balance you must keep moving" - FashionweekNYC

"Go as far as your heart tells you, not your mind." - RichIsAhmazing
by Bsxox

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone

hmm let's check this video out! jangan kaget ya dengan video ini, ada sedikit*~~~* adegan yang vulgar. Video ini adalah lanjutan dari video "Paparazzi", dan kembali menjadi 9 Minute Short-Story, bersetting setelah Gaga dibawa kepenjara. Disini adegannya lumayan dimana adegan awal ditampilkan Gaga sedang diborong ke sel-nya oleh 2 polisi wanita bertubuh kekar, dan mereka melucuti baju yang dipakai Gaga hingga ia telanjang. Lalu, selama 3 menit berikutnya diperlihatkan bagaimana kehidupannya dipenjara. Ia menerima sebuah telepon, lalu musik mulai berjalan.

Ia menanyikan chorus pertama dari "Telephone" dengan hanya memakai bra dan celana dalam yang lumayan tipis, sehingga dapat terlihat jelas bahwa tidak ada yang "menonjol" dari bagian bawah tubuh Gaga (hal ini dikarenakan Gaga ingin membuktikan pada publik bahwa ia bukan seorang hermaphrodite, atau berkelamin ganda). Setelah chorus ini selesai, musik kembali berhenti, dan Gaga keluar dari penjara dan bertemu dengan Beyonce dengan mobilnya "Pussy Wagon" (Mobil yang sama dalam film Kill Bill). Setelah terjadi percakapan diantara keduanya, Beyonce menyanyikan versinya dimobil tersebut, dan keduanya sampai disebuah bar dimana pacar Beyonce menunggu. Saat pacarnya lengah, ia menaruhkan racun kedalam kopinya. Racun tersebut membuatnya lemah, sementara didapur, Gaga menyanyikan chorus kedua sambil menari dan menyiapkan sandwich dengan racun yang sangat mematikan.
Gaga lalu memberikan sandwich tersebut kepada pacar Beyonce, dan juga pada semua orang yang ada dibar itu. Semuanya tewas, dan Gaga dan Beyonce menari diantara mayat-mayat disana. Lalu polisi mengejar, dan mereka berdua kabur setelah menyamar dengan kostum gaun sutra dan topi lebar berselendang sutra. Didetik terakhir, saat mereka sedang kabur dengan "Pussy Wagon", terlihat tulisan "to be continued" dan musik video berakhir.

Telephone video tribute by gagadaily

By Gabriel…
I’m sure you’ll remember Chibi Gaga’s. Here they come again, directly from Joapa from Brazil

 This mini k-kinda busy Gaga was created by François from Québec, Canada…
                                                       Gaga in action by Apostolos…

                                               All Telephone looks by Javierdarnot…
Coloured pencil sketch by Jessica from Florida.
By TouTou from Hong Kong…

Lady Gaga is officially the queen of Twitter

Britney Spears is feeling the agony of twe-feat. This weekend, Lady Gaga dethroned her as the celebrity with the most followers on Twitter.
Though Spears, 28, had a slight lead as of Friday, Gaga, 24, has officially taken the top spot, according to social-media tracker FameCount: At press time, she had an army of 5,720,931 little monsters while Spears slipped to 5,699,039.
Backstage at her Tacoma, Wash., show on Saturday, “Tween Gaga” - wearing a crown with a blue “T” emblem - showed her gratitude in an inaugural video message she posted on Twitter. "I wanted to thank all my beautiful little monsters for following me. Thank you for beginning my reign as Twitter queen," she said, waving a scepter. “May you always have soft cuticles while tweeting; may you never have carpal tunnel.”
After vowing “to never partake in any celebrity online shenanigans” and to “always tweet and tweet again,” Gaga said ta-ta. "Just remember that I love you. And love you yourself. Because Little Monsters, you were born that way, baby. I love you Twitter."

Britney Spears: “I’m a Big Fan of Lady Gaga”

Britney Spears: “I’m a Big Fan of Lady Gaga”

Singer Britney Spears was asked about a possible collaboration with Lady Gaga in a recent interview with Pop magazine:
“I’m a big fan of hers. Anything’s possible!”
In 2008, Lady Gaga wrote a song called “Quicksand” for Spears’s sixth studio album Circus. She said:
“Britney is a nice girl – I just feel very honoured that she wanted to sing my song. I used to scream for her in Times Square and now I work for her. When I was 13 she was the most provocative performer of my time. I love her so much!”
The pop stars met backstage at Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” in L.A. earlier this month.

Source : gagadaily 

Freaky fact beside laughing

Tahukah Anda manfaat dan fakta aneh dibalik tawa? Berikut 12 fakta di balik tawa seperti dilansir situs Genius Beauty,

1. Bayi tidak bisa tertawa sampai mereka mencapai usia tiga bulan
2. Tertawa selama 10-15 menit bisa membakar banyak kalori
3. Tertawa mampu mengeluarkan udara di dalam paru-paru dengan kecepatan 60 mph
4. Ada 17 otot wajah yang digunakan untuk tersenyum, sedangkan mengerutkan kening butuh 47 otot wajah
5. Seseorang yang sering tertawa bahagia memiliki risiko penyakit jantung 40 persen lebih rendah dibanding orang yang murung
6. Percayakah Anda, ada tanaman yang disebut bunga tawa. Begitu melihatnya Anda akan tertawa seperti orang gila selama setengah jam

7. Tertawa 17 menit per hari dipercaya memperpanjang waktu hidup selama satu hari
8. Rata-rata anak berusia enam tahun tertawa 300 kali sehari. Ketika kita tumbuh tua kita tersenyum dan tertawa hanya 15 kali sehari.
9. Senyuman pelayan bisa membuat pelanggannya memberikan tips tambahan.
10. Baik untuk perut, jika Anda tertawa selama satu jam tanpa henti.

11. Dengan tersenyum. Model iklan american Gordon Todd menikmati senilai $ 4.000
12. Orang yang tinggal di Brazil dan Kuba lebih banyak tersenyum dibandingkan dengan mereka yang tinggal di Skandinavia.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is an upcoming two-part fantasy-adventure film directed by David Yates and based on the novel of the same name by J. K. Rowling. The film will be the seventh and final instalment in the Harry Potter film series, and the third to be directed by Yates. David Heyman and David Barron serve as producers and the screenplay is written bySteve Kloves. The story follows Harry Potter on a quest to find and destroy Lord Voldemort's secret to immortality - the Horcruxes. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, alongside Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as Harry's best friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. Principal photography for both parts was completed on 12 June 2010.
Part I will be released on 19 November 2010 and Part II on 15 July 2011. Both parts will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 2D and 3D formats on their individual release dates.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be the only entry from the series to be converted entirely in 3D. It will also be released in IMAX 3D. 

Whata cool movie! I must watch it!
haha but I've read the novel, and I know the stories.

Harry potter gotta search and smash up Voldemort's horcruxse, he do it without a help by Dumbledore, cause Dumbledore was died on Hp6. Harry search the horcruxes with his best-friends Rod and Hermione, and at the ends Harry did it and voldemort die.
I just can tell a little of the story 'cause  I forgot the stories ^^V

Miley Cyrus Hates Glee & Vampires!

Actress/singer Miley Cyrus is not a fan of “Glee” and she doesn’t even watch the show. The 17 year-old is very outspoken and is usually very honest. Miley is also not a fan of vampires. No vampires and NO Twilight!
“I’ve never seen Glee,” Miley said. “Someone asked me yesterday if I was a Gleek, and I said, ‘What the heck is a Gleek? That’s not something I want to be.’ They said it’s someone who’s a fan of Glee, and I was like, ‘I’ve never seen it’… I’m not a huge, like, musical – whatever. I don’t know.”
“I hate vampires,” she says. When asked if she watches “True Blood”, Miley said, “What channel is that on?”
“We don’t have HBO,” she said, adding that her mom only gets “about 10 channels” at their house. “So we don’t watch a lot of TV. We don’t know what’s on. All we have is like the Disney Channel and Nick at Nite because my sister is only 10 years old.”
Miley does not have to worship vampires like almost every teenager in the whole world. And to tell the truth, we should give props to Miley for thinking for herself and having such a strong personality! Go Miley!
source : gossip teen