Friday, November 4, 2011

I was born with my free gun

                   hell - yeah. I was depressed with my score lately, but never mind, I got new experience too.... gaga! just vote for her new single here!  you can also download it on iTunes! here! yea yea yea, the times goes by ... second to minute... minutes to hour..... hours to day .. days to week ... weeks to month ... month to year ... and always be the same. I'm in senior high rite na, and 2 years later i will go to college, too fast, I have to be ready, I'm quetly suck on subject, every subject .. even English or sport. The best things i had on school are my friends ..... and knowledge....

"fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind"

Sekeras inikah hidup?
                    that's my friend lines! HAHA the picture too, i stole it from his blog, here!. This life is really hard, sometimes we have to lose and sometimes we have to win. In this life, we learn that we never always right, sometimes we are wrong and have mistakes, and we have to learn by the mistakes that you've made, that's how you can be succeed.
"I'm a soldier to my own emptiness, I'm a winner"

                     I've new twitter, actually @faridabr was already deactivated but something's wrong, so, it become active again ............ 
" I'm a bitch, I'm a loser maybe baby I should quit"
what should I tell?  kay, now you can openly follow me! @abloodyranger. Galau of the week! songs that could make me galau this week are California king bed by rihanna .... Speechless by gaga ... truly by Lionel Richie, you can download it on iTunes!

don't forget to vote! dare to vote dare to dream!

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